When life throws you lemons……

When life throws you lemons, or if you are lucky enough to have access to a lemon tree, make delicious and nutritious hummus, its easy!

Fresh lemons- squeezed

Chickpeas- fresh is best, at a push, tinned is fine for convenience

Crushed garlic

Tahini paste

Extra virgin olive oil

Cumin, salt and pepper

simply pop all ingredients into a food processer, if its too thick add cold water.

Next time you are on Waiheke, pop into Waiheke Fruit And Veg to try my delicious brand, its fully 100% preservative free, the addition of fresh lemon acts as a natural preservative, so no hidden nasties in my hummus.

Give your family and friends a treat by recreating my snack platter below, for a healthy alternative to chips, popcorn etc. Enjoy 🙂

image image image image