South Pacific coconut chicken curry

Im holidaying in Fiji for a few weeks and will be bringing you new, fresh and vibrant recipies, with the local produce that I find in the markets and villages in the area, today’s is a twist on a traditional Thai green chicken curry, there is an abundance of eggplants and coconuts here currently, you really cannot beat using fresh coconut picked fresh from the tree.


Curry paste recipe- serves 4-6

30 coriander seeds

30-40 cumin seeds

10 black peppercorns

1 inch knob fresh turmeric

handfull of coriander roots

10 green chillies

3 red chillies

1bulb of garlic

zest of 3 limes

fish sauce

Dry fry coriander seeds and cumin until fragrant and toasty, pop into pestle and mortar and grind, add other ingredients one at a time until you have a smooth-ish paste, add the fish sauce last, a few good glugs.

Prep your veg, I used, eggplant, okra, onion and pumpkin, cut all the veg the same size so it cooks at the same time.

Cut your chicken into bite sized pieces, if cutting a whole chicken, save the frame and bones for stock.

grate 2 coconuts, it will look like dessicated coconut, pop in a bowl and add a bit of water and squeeze for a couple of minutes with your clean hands, to encourage the coconut milk out of the pulp, pass through a sieve. Save the pulp,

saute onions ons in a pan using coconut oil, add curry paste and cook out for a couple of minutes, when it smells really fragrant and most of the moisture has left the pan add your fresh coconut milk, add your chicken and veg, keep heat on a simmer, pop lid on pan for 10 minutes.

to finish curry add more fish sauce, a little brown sugar for sweetness, juice of a lemon for sourness, also add the grated zest for lift of flavour. Add your chopped corainder leaf, and serve with rice, Enjoy,