Chef Deb Waiheke

Fine dining in your home. Weddings, corporate & private catering. Gourmet barbeques.


“THANK YOU,  for your time, effort,  passion, energy and creativity to re-energise our team and menus. We will keep things fresh and simple! I have learned a valuable lesson to not over do meals ( yes listening to you deconstruct each meal, gave me a wake up call). The kitchen staff have told me they can work the kitchen on their own without the ones who were causing problems, and I love their enthusiasm, but will need to manage this over time by introducing new chefs with passion for food and phase out those who refuse to learn new things or treat food without respect. The kitchen team are loving the new menu and customer feedback has been fantastic. All the best and please keep in touch. Kia Manuia, Rohan Ellis, Managing Director, The Islander Hotel, Rarotonga, Cook Isalnds”

I have a proven process for fast forwarding the growth and reputation of your restaurant.

Before I begin implementing any programmes, I always sit down with my clients to gain clarity on their goals and define what their guiding principles are. Once I am clear on what your mission is for your restaurant and staff, I am able to channel your needs through the work I do. Click on the contact Chef Deb link for rates and enquiries.

  • Creating operational systems
  • Training programmes
  • Working hands on with staff through service to get them where they need to be in their performance.
  • Troubleshoot/problem solving
  • Menu development
  • Food styling
  • Menu costing
  • Improve prior systems